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Effortless Keto Recipes for Every Meal and Mood

Everyday Eats Recipe Book
40 easy low carb recipesMade in 20 minutes or less
Includes detailed nutritional breakdown for each recipe Includes bonus KetoDiet Guide
I’m loving all the different meals in this cookbook! It’s like trying a new dish every time I cook. I wasn’t great with cooking techniques before, but the guide that comes with it is a huge help in stepping up my kitchen game.
Jemma, Los Angeles, CA
Cooking used to be a bit of a struggle for me, but the easy-to-follow instructions and tasty recipes have really made cooking fun and satisfying.
Jordan, Atlanta, GA

Everyday Eats is more than just a cookbook; it’s a solution to one of the most common dilemmas we face today: enjoying good food within our busy schedules. Crafted by a twin mom who’s mastered the art of quick and nutritious cooking, this eBook brings you an array of favorite recipes that are both delightful and effortless to prepare. Whether you’re juggling work, family, or both, these dishes are designed to fit seamlessly into your hectic life.

Everyday Eats is your go-to guide for maintaining a healthy low-carb diet without spending hours in the kitchen. The recipes featured in this recipe book are proof that you don’t have to compromise on taste or health for the sake of convenience. Each dish has been carefully selected for its simplicity, flavor, and nutritional profile, ensuring that you can whip up satisfying meals in 20 minutes or less. From hearty breakfasts to nourishing dinners, we’ve got you covered.

Our recipes are not only quick to prepare but also rich in variety, making sure you never get bored with your meal choices. Everyday Eats is here to transform the way you think about dieting by proving that a low-carb lifestyle can be effortless and enjoyable. Say goodbye to meal prep stress and hello to more free time, without sacrificing your health or taste buds.

This cookbook totally changed the game for me – cooking at home is now way easier and a lot more fun!
Jamie, Melbourne, AU
I was a bit skeptical at first, but this cookbook has been a nice surprise. The meal prep instructions have made my time in the kitchen so much simpler. It’s super easy to follow!
Taylor, Austin, US

Let Everyday Eats make eating well the easiest part of your day. This recipe book is your ally in achieving a balanced diet, offering straightforward and satisfying recipes that cater to your busy schedule. Explore a collection of dishes that will inspire you to stay healthy without the hassle. With Everyday Eats, you’re just 20 minutes away from a delicious, nutritious meal any day of the week.


Bonus KetoDiet Guide

Unlock the secret to a healthier you with our comprehensive KetoDiet Guide included with our meal plans! Packed with invaluable tips and fundamental guidelines for a ketogenic lifestyle, this guide is your roadmap to success on your journey towards transformative health.

  • Minimal Exercise: Discover how to lose weight without the need for rigorous exercise, making it a perfect fit for any lifestyle.
  • Control Your Appetite: Learn the secret to controlling your appetite through stabilized glucose and low insulin levels, leading to natural weight loss.
  • More Than a Diet: Embrace a comprehensive lifestyle approach, not just a diet. Enjoy maintaining a healthy weight while eating real, satisfying food.
  • Digestive Health Tips: Get practical advice on improving your digestion when switching to low-carb eating, including the benefits of probiotics and hydration.
  • Sweeteners and Weight Loss: Understand the impact of low-carb sweeteners on your cravings and weight loss journey.
  • Mindful Consumption: Learn about the common pitfalls of overeating dairy and nuts, and how to avoid inadvertent excessive calorie intake.
  • Combat the Keto-Flu: Get ahead of the “keto-flu” by learning how to replenish your body’s electrolytes for a smoother transition into a ketogenic diet.
  • Potassium Power: Understand the importance of potassium in a ketogenic diet and discover foods rich in this essential mineral.
  • Practical Guide: This guide is filled with practical advice, making it easy to follow a healthy ketogenic diet.
  • Author Expertise: Benefit from the expertise of Martina Slajerova, a renowned author in the field of ketogenic dieting.
As a newbie in the kitchen, this cookbook has been super helpful. The recipes are easy to follow, and the meal prep tips are great time-savers. It’s made learning how to cook home meals really straightforward.
Morgan, London, UK
I’ve tried out quite a few cookbooks, but Martina’s recipes are always the best!
Alex, Chicago, IL
I’m really impressed with the detailed nutritional info for each recipe. It makes keeping track of my diet so easy. Plus, the layout is super user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Alex, Toronto, Canada
As someone who’s always on the go, this cookbook has been a game changer. It offers quick, easy recipes that still deliver on health and taste – definitely a win for me!
Paul, Seattle, WA

How Our Diet Plans Deliver Results

Appetite Control

The keto diet is effective because it lowers your hunger hormone, ghrelin. This means you feel less hungry, making it easier to eat less and lose weight.

Accelerated Weight loss

By focusing on low-carb options, our diet plans harness the body's ability to burn fat more efficiently, facilitating quicker weight loss results.

Preserve Muscle Mass

Our diet plans are carefully crafted to ensure adequate protein intake, key to preserving muscle mass while on a calorie deficit for overall health and fitness.

Note: All before/after photos are sourced from our primary website, ketodietapp.com, showcasing participants who followed a keto diet plan using our recipes and guides.

What is Keto?

The ketogenic, or "keto," diet is a plan that focuses on high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake. This combination causes your liver to produce ketones, which are compounds that the body can use for energy. By doing this, the diet shifts your body's main energy source from carbs (glucose) to fat. Essentially, instead of relying on sugar from carbohydrates for energy, your body begins to burn stored fat, leading to potential weight loss and other health benefits.

According toΒ over sixty randomized controlled trialsΒ carbohydrate restriction is the most effective weight loss tool due to its appetite suppressing effects. The benefits of healthy low carb eating extend beyond weight loss and the ketogenic diet has been used as adjuvant treatment forΒ several health conditions (pubmed link 1, link 2, link 3).

Ketones as Fuel for Weight Management

Glucose and ketones switch
  • Enhanced Fat Burning: Shifts body's metabolism to use fat for fuel, promoting weight loss.
  • Appetite Suppression: Helps in reducing hunger pangs, making it easier to maintain a caloric deficit.
  • Extended Energy: Provides a longer-lasting energy source, avoiding the highs and lows of glucose.
  • Supports Mental Clarity: Ketones can provide a more stable energy supply to the brain.
  • Improved Blood Sugar Control: Can help in stabilizing blood sugar levels, beneficial for those with insulin sensitivity.
  • Keto-Flu: Temporary flu-like symptoms as the body adapts to ketosis.
  • Adherence: Requires commitment to a low-carb lifestyle for continued benefits.
  • Adaptation Period: Initial phase where the body adjusts to using ketones for fuel, which may affect performance.

Our mission is to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle, not just lose weight. Food quality matters and eating nutritious food low in carbs is the best way to achieve your long-term goals.

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